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UNISCOPE EURO LTD – binding agents for pellet feeds and briquettes

Uniscope (Euro) Ltd is a privately owned company developing and manufacturing specialized Animal Feed Products and Binding Agents for all industries worldwide. We can mass produce the binding agent needed in all types of pellets, briquettes and offer great value for money.

We can supply and manufacture a range of binding products for all industries including compound animal feeds, coal briquetting and the pet food industry. We also supply lubricating products to reduce frictional problems within manufacturing processes. Uniscope have the experience and technical expertise to custom blend any type of binding or lubricating product to suit individual needs.

Uniscope Euro mass producer of best quality pellet binders

“We are situated in a 30,000 sq ft manufacturing plant and distribution hub in Chard, Somerset and can deliver worldwide.”

Binding agent for your biomass pellet business, use the best binder

“Uniscope has the Facilities to re-pack, blend and manufacture most raw materials in 500gms up to 1000 kg tote bags, perfect for commercial feed mills”

Compound feed producer supplies

Do you produce animal pelleted feed?

Do you required mass produced pellet binding agent?

Looking for a way to increase profitability whilst improving pellet feed quality?

Can be used in Aquaculture, Livestock, Swine, Poultry, Pets and briquettes?

20 plus years experience bringing you the best binding agents, antioxidants and lubricants

suppliers of the binding agent to make biomass wood pellets and other wood based combustibles

Aquaculture, Livestock , Pets & many more

If you are looking for high quality and good value binding agent for your pellet feed for fish, livestock, pets or any other application contact Uniscope Euro Ltd today.

“Whatever your pellets and other compound products are for Uniscope Euro Ltd can help you. ”

Fish pellet feed binding powder or liquid by Uniscope Euro Ltd
Pet food kibble binder for mass produced pet food pellets

Anti-oxidants makes pellets last longer

Our product Antox has been highly recognised for over 20 years throughout the U.K. and Ireland as a powerful and efficient Anti-Oxidant.

Increase your profits

Helps prevent oxidisation of Animal Feeds increasing the longevity and hardiness of your pelleted feeds. (This increase will only apply if the original additives are of sound quality) It also acts as a prevention of loss of Vitamins added in the pelleting process improving your product.

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