What we can do

Things we can do – Uniscope Euro ltd

Pellet Binding agent

  • We can make batches of good quality, and good value, pellet binder that can be used in all industries. Use it as you want in your product.

  • Amount

    Our packing sizes are from 500 grams to 1000kgs in both powder and liquid form. We can cater for any amount you need.

  • Delivery

    We can work with your haulage company but we have years of knowledge and have great teams we use.

  • Quality

    We only use our proven quality binding agent, Antioxidant and mould inhibitors.

Manufacturing and packaging

  • With our experienced team and high quality facilities, we can offer a range of mixing, blending and packing services to suit your needs.

  • Binding agents for industries

    Such as; Animal Health Companies, Veterinary Suppliers, Chemical Producers and Compound Feed Companies.